You Could Go Swimming in Megan Fox’s Alien Aquamarine Manicure |

You Could Go Swimming in Megan Fox’s Alien Aquamarine Manicure

Bland neutrals have had their day in the sun, and now it’s time for bold hues to shine again—if Megan Fox has anything to say about it, that is. The good news, for those that are absolutely aching for color, is that she’s fairly influential. Would you forgo beauty advice from Megan Fox? I think not.

On April 24, the 37-year-old showed off the newest manicure to grace her blue hair era. With her locks currently leaning more turquoise than the denim hue she kicked things off with at the beginning of April, her nail art—crafted by her favorite nail artist Brittany Boyce—is a bright, textural look. While the majority of the nail shows up like an aerial shot of clear ocean water, each features a simple aquamarine border. Thus, the look goes from ocean to pool.

Megan Fox

Boyce revealed how she made the design happen in her post’s comments after someone tried to guess the process. “Foil with a gel border?” they asked. “Jelly w/ a color outline,” she commented alongside a white heart emoji.

Megan Fox showing off her blue jelly manicure

To complete the look, makeup artist Jenna Kristina gave the Pretty Boys Are Poisonous author some shimmery peach shadow, heavy black winged liner, and, most importantly, fake diamond tears. One eye had one, and the other had two perfectly placed, glittering droplets falling from her bright blue eyes. “This is so tumblr 2014 coded,” commented a fan, to which I say… exactly.

Megan Fox

Although Fox has been all about the alien imagery recently (both she and Boyce utilized alien emojis in their Instagram post captions), this look is giving mermaid more than extra terrestrial. Or maybe aliens are also down to chill by the pool? I don’t know any to check, so I’ll defer to Fox who seems to be in constant contact.

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