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2024’s Biggest Fragrance Trends Include Unexpected Vanilla Scents and Modern Body Mists

The fragrance trends of 2023 truly ran the gamut. The summer, for example, was all about rain scents and desert gourmands. The fall ushered in an affinity for vanilla, woody, and saffron perfumes. And as the holidays rolled around, our attention naturally shifted toward spruce fragrances and sugary, spicy notes. This year’s trending fragrances and scents are slated to be equally diverse and dynamic—featuring everything from honey-infused eau de parfums to modern body mists. Ahead, we tapped three fragrance experts to fill us in on what’s on tap in 2024 and what we should add to our fragrance wardrobe.


Unexpected Gourmand Scents

Gourmand scents are nothing new, but Boyce says we can expect fresh interpretations that are far less sweet and syrupy this year. “The expansion of this category is exciting, as it allows for the creation of rich, multifaceted scents that are versatile enough to be worn individually or layered with others,” she says.

Guggenbuhl says these unexpected gourmand scents elevate common ingredients, like vanilla, to new heights—citing Tom Ford’s Vanilla Sex ($395) as an example, as it features velvety notes of vanilla paired with less sticky caramel, honey, sandalwood, and tonka. Arps says another prime example of a sophisticated vanilla scent is Chris Collins’ Sweet Taboo Eau de Parfum ($225). She describes it as an intoxicating fragrance with notes of vanilla, cardamom, cacao, coffee, and tonka bean that you’ll want to keep spraying over and over. In the vanilla realm, Boyce also suggests Noteworthy Scents n,144, describing it as “a beautiful citrusy sweet scent reminiscent of dessert.”

Boyce anticipates honey to be another massive gourmand note in 2024 and believes it will continue to propel the category forward. “Honey is a fun note that plays well with others, creating endless possibilities for fragrances that are either quite rich in depth or more playful and lighter,” she shares. One honey scent worth considering is Beyoncé’s Cé Noir Eau de Parfum, according to Arps. “The clementine note balances the sweetness [of the honey], and the element of Namibian myrrh smells and feels so regal,” she says.


Wellness-Focused Fragrances

It’s long been known that a connection exists between our emotional well-being and scent.1 “I preach this all the time because not everyone realizes the connection between our sense of smell and its ability to trigger thoughts, memories, and emotions,” Arps says. “Not to be confused with aromatherapy, aromachology analyzes how odors influence mood and emotions. The two are similar, except aromachology doesn’t position scent as an ‘active ingredient,’ treatment, or cure but instead observes fragrance’s impact on the mind and considers synthetic compounds.”

With this research in mind, Boyce and Arps believe the wellness-focused fragrance category will continue to grow. When creating Moodeaux Worthy IntenScenual Eau de Parfum ($98), Arps aimed to create a scent that smells like a hug in a bottle. “It’s a warm, addictive mix of citrus-floral-woodsy accords that plays footsie with the body’s natural pheromones, adapting on cue for an unforgettable fragrance experience made uniquely your own,” she says.

Other wellness-centric scents include Abel’s Pause Eau de Parfum ($130), a mind and body-centering textured floral fragrance, and The Nue Co’s focus-boosting scent, Mind Energy ($76).


Crisp, Citrusy Scents

If there is one fragrance family that endures season after season, it’s citrus scents. “I don’t think crisp, citrus scents will ever go out of style because they are so versatile,” Boyce says. “In 2024, there will be continued depth to citrus, which makes citrus fragrances more complex and can help with their staying power.”

With many recently launched scents offering a candied take, Guggenbuhl notes that the new citrus notes are less harsh and more prismatic with fluid fruity scents, creating more of a gourmand lemon pie sweet addiction. You can expect the next generation of citrus fragrances to comprise refreshing lemon, mandarin orange, and fresh-cut lime mixed with white florals. “They are also being expressed through ginger,” Guggenbuhl adds.

Arps’ perfect citrus fragrance strikes an ideal balance of scents. “There’s a fine line between a clean-smelling, citrus fragrance and those that remind you of a household cleaner,” she explains. “The scent should have an ever-so-slightly warmer middle and base notes for a rounder expression—that’s what we see with the newer launches.” Arps says Phlur Tangerine Boy Eau de Parfum ($99) and Zodica Perfumery Leo Crystal Infused Zodiac Perfume ($110) are perfect examples of just that.


Modern Body Mists

Reminiscent of the body sprays that dominated the ’90s and early 2000s, perfume body mists are back, but this time, they are more intricate and have longer staying power, too. “The next generation is rediscovering body mists as an approachable, subtle way to experience a fragrance,” Guggenbuhl says. “While the most recent versions are lightweight, many have a sophisticated, complex spin.”

“Aside from Bath & Body Works, Sol de Janeiro practically owns this category right now,” Arps says, noting that Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Crush Cheirosa’40 Bom Dia Hair & Body Fragrance Mist ($38) is one of the buzziest body sprays around. “Their mists rose to TikTok stardom last year, with Gen-Z giving a huge stamp of approval, and it’s been ‘game on’ ever since. Other fragrance labels have since entered, proving that wallet-friendly, sophisticated blends can exist.”

Arps’ other favorites include Skylar Coconut Cove Hair and Body Mist ($30), a classic coconut scent with a touch of citrus that transports wearers straight to the beach, and Ellis Brooklyn Peaches Fragrance Body Mist ($48). “If you’re a fan of peach, you’ll likely be a fan of this,” she points out. “It’s pretty straightforward but with a surprise, flirty musk element.”

Boyce credits the returned interest in body mists to their layering ability—her current favorite is the Henry Rose Blonde Barry Body Spray ($75). “Mists are great for mixing with other more robust formats of perfume like Eau de parfums,” she says. “A mist allows you to create a new, fun fragrance profile that’s all your own.”


Smoke and Tobacco

Smoke and tobacco are mysterious and alluring notes; expect to see more fragrances anchored in these scents. According to Guggenbuhl, high-quality smoky texture scents, like Arquiste L’Or de Louis ($245), offer original and elegant takes that strike the perfect balance of luxurious softness. 

However, not every new tobacco scent is a straight-out smoky accord. Some are a bit sweet. For a fragrance along these lines, Arps prefers Kayali Oudgasm Tobacco Oud 04 Eau de Parfum Intense ($140). “It is heavy on the oud but also has citrus, spices, and ‘honeyed’ tobacco to provide balance for a truly divine scent experience,” she says. “Another good, smoky tobacco scent is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum Fragrance ($295), which is known to stop people in their tracks”.”


Elevated Florals

Floral fragrances are an industry staple, but Arps says the floral category has been ripe for disruption for quite some time. “Younger perfume wearers don’t want to smell like their mothers or grandmothers,” she says. “Instead, they want scents with daring accords that perhaps shouldn’t work but do.” Her pick? Future Society Haunted Rose Eau de Parfum ($98). She praises the innovative brand for incorporating the DNA of extinct flowers. “Haunted Rose meshes the macrostylis villosa subspecies 1 and 2 with black pepper and passion fruit for a truly unique juice,” she explains.

In 2024, you can expect to find floral notes alongside fruity accords. Fragrance Du Bois Brume Du Matin ($345), which features mandarin, violet, and jasmine notes, is one example that fits the bill. Guggenbuhl also recommends Florence by Mills Wildly Me and Oscar De La Renta Bella Tropicale.  


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