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17 Spring Skincare Launches That Should Be On Your Radar

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your wardrobe—for many of us, the changing seasons call for switching out our skincare products, too. Fortunately, with the warmer weather comes a slew of new offerings from some of the category’s leading brands.

Interested in treating yourself to some new skincare goodies? Keep reading for the hottest spring skincare launches to keep on your radar. From moisturizers to serums, eye treatments to peels (and more), there’s a little something for everyone.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Hue Drops Glow Serum

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Hue Drops

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Hue Drops Sun Glow Serum $35.00


Glow Recipe’s latest offering, the Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Hue Drops Sun Glow Serum, is already poised to become a fan favorite, garnering major love with TikTokers like Mikayla Nogueira and Aysha Harun. “It’s a true skincare-first, multi-use, sheer tinted serum that adds just the right amount of warmth to the skin,” says Glow Recipe co-founder Christine Chang, who notes that the product shares the same ingredients as the original Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops—including niacinamide and hyaluronic acid—along with some new ingredients, such as soothing Centella asiatica.

Keeping the brand’s skincare-forward customer in mind, Glow Recipe “knew a sheer tinted serum that’s easy to apply [all over] would be our first step into the color world,” adds co-founder Sarah Lee. “We love that the Hue Drops feel and apply like skincare, are incredibly easy to use, and deliver a warm glow to the skin without patchiness or streakiness.”

Medik8 Super-C Ferulic Serum

brown bottle of Medik8 super c ferulic skincare bottle on white background

Medik8 Super-C Ferulic Serum $74.00


If you aren’t familiar with the skincare brand Medik8, the Super-C Ferulic Serum is an excellent place to start. An ideal product for those looking to incorporate vitamin C into their skincare routines, it utilizes ingredients like ferulic acid, vitamin E, and turmeric root extract to target concerns such as sun damage, dark spots, and wrinkles, leaving users with firmer and more even-looking skin. “We chose to combine vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid because not only are they three incredible antioxidants, but they work synergistically,” says Daniel Isaacs, chief product officer and founding partner of Medik8. “At a potent 30% ethylated L-ascorbic acid strength, this serum is clinically proven to make a difference in just seven days, working faster, smarter, and harder for the best results,” adds Isaacs.

Solawave Skin Therapy Activating Serum

Solawave Skin Therapy Activating Serum

Solawave Skin Therapy Activating Serum $29.00


Solawave’s Radiant Renewal Wand—beloved by celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Megan Fox for its anti-aging red light therapy skincare benefits—has gotten a pal in the form of the brand’s latest launch, the Skin Therapy Activating Serum. Meant to be used in tandem with the wand, the serum is formulated with hyaluronic acid, ionic mineral complex, and nonapeptide-1, which Solawave co-founder Andrew Silberstein describes as “a powerful peptide that offers many of the benefits our community is looking for—such as plumping the skin, enhancing skin tone, [and] reducing the appearance of dark spots.”

“We launched our first Activating Serum to use with our Solawave Wand back in 2020, and while it was very well received, we listened to every single piece of feedback, [including] DMs, comments, and emails,” says Silberstein. “The two most common requests were to make a serum that lasts longer to enhance the Solawave Wand treatment and to add more pro-aging active ingredients so users can benefit even more from regular usage of the serum. Our team spent a year and a half formulating Skin Therapy, and we’re so proud of the outcome.”

Matter of Fact Maximalist Age-Defying Moisturizer

Matter of Fact Maximalist Moisturizer

Matter of Fact Maximalist Age-Defying Moisturizer $72.00


A companion to the popular Minimalist Hydrating Moisturizer ($68), Matter of Fact’s Maximalist Age-Defying Moisturizer is formulated for those seeking a more intense moisture experience. “Some creators and team members asked me for a thicker, richer, more active cream that went beyond hydration,” Matter of Fact founder Paul Baek tells us. “Formulating a moisturizer that was creamy, nourishing, and packed with a high percentage of actives was no easy task since many active ingredients tend to cause an emulsion to break. I chose well-researched ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and bakuchiol and added in one of my favorite ingredients, hexylresorcinol, for its incredible brightening effects on the skin [to create] an active-packed moisturizer that could meaningfully improve the look and feel of sun damaged and aging skin.”

Adds Baek: “While we can’t turn back the clock, nor would we necessarily want to, what we can do is help skin look and feel fresh, supple, and radiant at any age.”


white bottle of eltamd eye sunscreen against white background

EltaMD UV AOX Eye $50.00


An eye cream with SPF? Sign us up. Crafted with zinc oxide, vitamin E, Persian silk tree extract, and peptides, EltaMD’s UV AOX Eye targets an oft-forgotten area for sun protection. It’s formulated to protect thin under-eye skin from the sun’s harsh rays, strengthening the barrier and correcting tone. Echo Sandburg, chief brand officer of CP Skin Health (which acquired EltaMD), notes that 5-10% of skin cancers occur around the eye.1 “In addition to the need for sun protection, early signs of aging [appear] most prominently in the eye area. Our 100% mineral formula combines photoaging protection with anti-aging benefits through antioxidants,” she says. “Many people skip eye protection due to sensitivity concerns. The delicate skin around the eyes needs extra care, and we created our gentle formula to be nourishing and non-irritating.”

And if you’ve had (or are planning to have) any under-eye treatments, take note: “It’s uniquely ophthalmologist-tested and safe for post-procedure skin, knowing that CO2 resurfacing, injectables, and blepharoplasty are common procedures performed around the eyes,” she says.

Mara SeaDream Firming Algae Crème Moisturizer

Mara Seadream Algae Creme

Mara SeaDream Firming Algae Crème Moisturizer $64.00


MARA’s SeaDream Firming Algae Crème Moisturizer combines sea moss, bioactive plant peptides, rainbow algae, and moringa in a nutrient-rich formula that aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and hydrate, firm, and boost the skin’s barrier. “I created SeaDream as an alternate source of hydration for our clients who were looking for something rich and moisturizing but may not prefer to use face oils,” Allison McNamara, founder of MARA, says. “What started as a rich hydrating night cream transformed into something so much more powerful during the formulation stage. A big skin concern from our community was firmness, tightness, and elasticity, so we sourced beautiful Swiss vegan stem cells along with bioactive plant peptides that visibly improve firmness in 14 days.”

Orveda The Bio-Tech Emulsion Sheer

green skincare bottle of orveda cream against white background

Orveda The Bio-Tech Emulsion Sheer $360.00


While we all love thicker creams and moisturizers for the winter months and when our skin is feeling particularly dry, sometimes you need something a bit lighter. Orveda’s Bio-Tech Emulsion Sheer is just that. Lightweight and sheer in texture, it acts not only as a moisturizer but also as a primer and mask, smoothing the skin and locking in hydration. It’s crafted with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, botanical glycerin, and meadowfoam seed oil, which provide skin with a smooth feel and luminosity.

The innovation was driven by consumers, who “wanted a moisturizer with a very light texture that absorbs instantly into the skin, giving them the freedom to carry on with their skincare or makeup routine flawlessly,” says Ulrich Katusevanako, head of new product development and scientific communication director for Orveda. “The Bio-Tech Emulsion Sheer is the answer while keeping all the benefits of The Bio-Tech Emulsion,” such as improved barrier function and a reduced appearance of fine lines.

Dermalogica Pro-Collagen Banking Serum

dermalogica pro-collagen banking serum

Dermalogica Pro-Collagen Banking Serum $89.00


“We created the Pro-Collagen Banking Serum to help preserve the collagen you already have while defending against collagen-degrading free radicals,” Dermalogica vice president of education Heather Hickman tells us of the brand’s Pro-Collagen Banking Serum. Formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while boosting luminosity, hydration, and plumpness, the ingredients include collagen amino acids, jojoba ester, and polyglutamic acid. “Our bodies produce less collagen every year, and factors like pollution can speed up collagen degradation, leading to visible signs of aging such as sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, and fine lines,” Hickman explains. “Pro-Collagen Banking Serum protects and preserves skin’s collagen today, so you have more for tomorrow.”

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Goldfaden MD Eye Defy Radiance Restoring Eye Treatment

white bottle of goldfaden md eye treatment against white background

Goldfaden MD Eye Defy Radiance Restoring Eye Treatment $85.00


Goldfaden MD’s Eye Defy Radiance Restoring Eye Treatment is intriguing not only for its formula—which includes meadowfoam seed oil, peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, and squalane—but also for its ceramic-tip applicator, which glides over the thin skin of the eye area. “The inspiration for Eye Defy stemmed from the phenomenal response from our best seller Bright Eyes,” says Lisa Goldfaden, co-founder of Goldfaden MD. “[Our customers] craved not just an eye treatment but a comprehensive solution that could seamlessly complement the brilliance of Bright Eyes while delivering enhanced anti-aging benefits. In response to this demand and our dedication to staying ahead of skincare trends, we created Eye Defy.”

StriVectin Hydration Multiplier Hyaluronic Acid Serum

pink and purple skincare bottle of strivectin serum against white background

StriVectin Hydration Multiplier Hyaluronic Acid Serum $69.00


StriVectin’s Hydration Multiplier Hyaluronic Acid Serum is all about hydrating the skin, improving texture, and tacking fine lines and wrinkles, particularly for those with drier skin types. “As we were social listening, we saw how dry skin consumers were experimenting with the skin flooding trend,” StriVectin’s senior vice president of global product development, Francine Krenicki, shares. “We wanted to solve their needs, but do it in one simple step. Hydration Multiplier does just that—it’s a high-performance serum that uses a dual-chambered package to drive moisture into the skin while sealing it in at the same time. The humectant water-based chamber combines seven types of hyaluronic acid plus polyglutamic acid to quench thirsty skin on many levels while visibly plumping lines and wrinkles. The emollient-rich moisture-locking chamber is boosted by five types of ceramides plus squalane to lock in hydration for intense, lasting results and a healthy-looking, radiant glow.”

When it came time to put the formula to the test, StriVectin took to the road. “We clinically tested this formula in the desert under the driest, most arid conditions and were able to prove intense hydration results in just 15 minutes,” says Krenicki.

Kate Somerville KateCeuticals SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum

silver bottle of serum from Kate Somerville against white background

Kate Somerville KateCeuticals SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum $95.00


Love the way your skin looks and feels after getting a facial? Kate Somerville’s KateCeuticals SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum wants to bring that feeling to your bathroom. “SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum was in part inspired by the PRP or ‘Vampire Facial’ that we do at our Melrose Place Clinic,” founder Kate Somerville tells us. “It promotes collagen, heals the skin barrier quicker, restores skin post-treatment, and helps with brightening, firming, and overall skin health. I’ve seen the efficacy of this treatment in the clinic for years—and I wanted to bring this same level of results to the consumer. So, we went into research mode [to figure out how to] best bring stem cells and growth factors to everyone at home. That is how SuperCell Serum was born.”

The formula list includes one of the hottest ingredients in skincare. “Stem cells are trending big time,” says Somerville. “They are going to be the next big thing in skincare. There are all types of stem cells and exosomes from plants, humans, and animals, [and] we chose a vegan route because we found a technology through biofactory that actually mimics human growth factors perfectly and communicates with the cells the same way humans would.”

Alphascience Alpha Night Peel

blue bottle of alphascience night peel against white background

Alphascience Alpha Night Peel $105.00


Alphasicence’s Alpha Night Peel is formulated with botanical AHA, niacinamide, and salicylic acid to fight off some of the 21st century’s toughest skincare adversaries. “Modern life is changing the paradigm,” says Carmen Dominguez, PharmD, marketing director for Alphascience. “The exposome (pollution, UV radiation, stress) and daily habits have led to a dysfunction of skin homeostasis, leading to not only premature aging and the appearance of dark spots but also to a higher prevalence of blemishes in adults. Fighting all [of that] is not easy, so we wanted to create an all-encompassing formula specifically for adult blemishes. Alpha Night Peel is a super-active formula that effectively targets pollution, free radicals’ exposure, and blemishes while respecting the skin barrier for hydrated, healthy, and clear skin.”

Cool as a Cucumber Hydralixir Quenching Gel

white bottle of cool as a cucumber gel against white background

Cool as a Cucumber Hydralixir Quenching Gel $75.00


Cool as a Cucumber’s Hydralixir Quenching Gel is a lightweight, oil-free, multi-tasking product that deeply penetrates the skin, leaving it moisturized and plumped. To do so, it harnesses some of skincare’s most reliable ingredients. “As beauty customers are increasingly prioritizing efficacy and results, tried and true ingredients are finding new life in more sophisticated formulas,” says Eda Levent, co-founder of Cool as a Cucumber. “We created a proprietary Hydration Complex to power our Hydralixir. It combines four different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, silver ear mushroom, beta-glucan, glycerin, and aloe vera. Hydralixir brings hydration into the skin, helps retain it, and facilitates water transport between skin cells—resulting in deep hydration using multiple mechanisms.”

Sonäge Opaleze Brightening Serum

Sonage Opaleze

Sonäge Opaleze Brightening Serum $48.00


“Dark spots and hyperpigmentation rank among the top three facial consumer concerns, following closely behind acne and wrinkles,” says Anisha Khanna, founder of Sonäge Skincare. “Opaleze Brightening Serum was specifically developed with feedback from our professional clients (derms, estheticians) to enhance post-in-office treatments like chemical peels and lasers.” The product was created as an alternative approach to dark spot-fading mainstays like hydroquinone and tretinoin: “Infused with 5% tranexamic acid, ayurvedic manjistha, ferulic acid, and licorice, Opaleze is designed to diminish the appearance of dark spots, addressing skin discoloration,” Khanna shares. “Additionally… niacinamide and polyglutamic help reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and fine lines” across all skin types and tones.

Free + True Milk + Tansy Bi-Phase Essence

clear and blue bottle with wooden lid from Free + True of essence against white background

Free + True Milk + Tansy Bi-Phase Essence $68.00


After shaking Free + True’s Milk + Tansy Bi-Phase Essence and dispensing a small amount into the palm of your hand, rub it together, press it into your skin, and get ready to feel the Kalahari melon, baobab, jojoba, and blue tansy oil working to target dry skin and reverse damage. “Milk + Tansy captures the beauty and skin-soothing benefits of Moroccan-sourced blue tansy through the medium of a bi-phase essence, where oil and water-based ingredients are shaken to be activated before each use,” shares founder Tami Blake.

ZitSticka Barrier Boost Slugging Balm

white tub with light green lid of zitsticka balm against white background

ZitSticka Barrier Boost Slugging Balm $20.00


Known for its acne patches, it only makes sense that ZitSticka’s take on slugging would be friendly for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin. “Slugging was one of the most popular skincare trends in 2023,” says ZitSticka brand lead Nisha Karna. “We wanted to offer a product that achieved that intensely hydrated and plump effect but was safe for acne-prone skin, and [to] formulate it with only the highest quality ingredients like ceramide boosting complex, desert date seed oil, and hyaluronic acid.”

“ZitSticka’s Slugging Balm works to effectively seal in moisture, prevent water loss, and boost hydration while fortifying the skin’s barrier—which reduces the likelihood that acne-causing bacteria can penetrate the skin,” Karna explains. “For too long, those with acne have feared that hydrating products would counter their anti-acne routines, and we want to give them an option that allows for both.”

Beekman 1802 Mushroom Milk Eye Cream

white and yellow bottle of beekman 1802 eye cream against white background

Beekman 1802 Mushroom Milk Eye Cream $50.00


Beekman 1802’s Mushroom Milk Eye Cream utilizes five different types of mushrooms alongside hexapeptide to firm the under-eye and smooth out crow’s feet, restoring and hydrating the skin. For the formula, the brand took inspiration from the culture at large. “The trend we saw was the popularity of micro-dosing mushrooms to give your mood a boost, typically giving your world a brighter, shinier quality,” says Ayesha Bshero, head of product development for Beekman 1802. “We tapped into mushrooms with skincare actives to bring this brightening quality to your under eyes to fight dark circles for longer lasting results compared to traditional caffeine-based eye treatments.”

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