Sisley Paris Launches Neuraé—a New Skincare Brand Focused on the Mind-Skin Connection |

Sisley Paris Launches Neuraé—a New Skincare Brand Focused on the Mind-Skin Connection

You can’t talk about French beauty without mentioning Sisley Paris. The brand, founded by Hubert d’Ornano and his wife Isabelle, debuted in 1976 and introduced high-quality, natural skincare and cosmetics to the market. Across nearly four decades, Sisley Paris has remained a dynamic force in the industry, consistently launching award-winning products and advocating for industry improvements (they’ve implemented strict eco-conscious measures, for example).

Throughout its rich history, Sisley Paris has also successfully created sub-brands. In 2019, the company entered the hair care market with the launch of Hair Rituel by Sisley. Now, the family-owned company is deepening its imprint on skincare with a new standalone line called Neuraé. The d’Ornano children—Phillippe (Sisley’s president) and Christine (Sisley’s managing director)—grew inspired to launch the brand after learning about the links between the skin and the brain. 

Described as a neuroscience-based skincare brand, Neuraé draws upon 10 years of research conducted at Sisley Group Laboratories. The scientists identified the three most common expressions—tiredness, sadness, and stress—and analyzed how they impact our skin’s appearance and needs. Through their research, they hypothesized that they could use neuromodulating ingredients to positively impact the skin and mind when experiencing these emotions.

To test this theory, they then developed a proprietary NA3 Technology—a three-part complex that focuses on ingredients, fragrances, and textures. The research and development team tapped naturally derived ingredients like red indigo (which helps fight signs of aging), alpine skullcap extract (which hydrates and plumps), and eperua extract (which targets inflammation and sagging). And when it came to fragrance, the Neuraé team crafted four scents using essential oils and compounds known to have aromatherapeutic properties. And, of course, each fragrance’s impact was assessed using electroencephalography technology. 

Neuraé packaged these scientific findings into a curated lineup of products featuring a serum, three moisturizers, and three roll-on fragrances. Each product was tested in clinical and neuroscientific trials to prove its efficacy. And in line with Sisley Paris’ longstanding environmentally-friendly ethos, Neuraé has also committed to sustainable packaging practices (opting for wood lids, glass jars made from 15% recycled glass, and refillable pots) and traceable ingredients (the formulas are at least 95% ingredients of natural origin). Ahead, learn more about Neuraé’s launch collection.


FOUNDED: Philippe and Christine d’Ornano, 2024

BASED IN: Paris, France


BEST KNOWN FOR: Neuraé is known for neuroscience-based skincare products. The brand draws upon 10 years of research and rigorous cell, clinical, and neuroscientific trials.

MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: Harmonie Transformative Serum

FUN FACT: Neuraé’s name is derived from the Greek “neuron.” The ending, aé, stands for activated by emotions.

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Harmonie Transformative Serum

Harmonie Transformative Serum

Neuraé Harmonie Transformative Serum $195.00


The Harmonie Transformative Serum is the foundation of the Neuraé routine—it should be used before applying any of the creams. It claims to help rebalance your skin and refresh your complexion—thanks to ingredients including red indigo extract, Scutellaria extract, and eperua extract. By reharmonizing your skin, the silky serum aids in enhancing its resilience to emotional stress and allows the creams to work their magic.

In a six-week clinical study with women between 29 and 45 (with all skin types, including sensitive skin), researchers found that 95% of testers noticed that their complexion felt fresher and experienced an increased sense of well-being. 84% agreed that their skin felt de-stressed, relaxed, and rested.

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Énergie Energizing and Firming Cream

Énergie Energizing and Firming Cream

Neuraé Énergie Energizing and Firming Cream $170.00


When feeling fatigued, we may notice under-eye bags and overall droopiness. The Energizing & Firming Cream works to restore tone to tired skin. The milky cream features anti-aging red indigo, hydrating and smoothing seaweed extract, and corn extract (rich in vitamin C). The formula is further enhanced with uplifting green notes (a catch-all term for scents reminiscent of leaves, foliage, and green plants).

When applied daily, you’ll experience a reenergized complexion and noticeable firmness. The Neuraé team conducted a four-week clinical study in which participants used the cream in combination with the serum in the morning and evening for one month. Results found that 100% of users noticed their skin appeared more awake, while 90% agreed that resilience and tone were visibly restored.

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Joie Emulsion

Joie Emulsion

Neuraé Joie Emulsion $170.00


Sadness can impact our skin by reducing luminosity and emphasizing our tear troughs and mouth lines, according to the Neuraé research team. The Joie Emulsion is a soft, smooth cream enriched with moisturizing Scutellaria extract, hydrating and firming Andrographis paniculata extract, and anti-aging fermented red ginseng extract. It is formulated to boost your natural glow and revitalize your skin’s appearance. As the name suggests, this cream is enriched with a joy-boosting, sparkling citrus scent.

In a four-week clinical study with women between 29 and 45 (with all skin types, including sensitive skin, lack of radiance, and uneven skin texture), 87% said they noticed improved skin radiance. In a self-assessment after using the emulsion with the serum morning and evening for two months, 91% of participants also found that their skin was visibly smoother.

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Sérénité Relaxing and Smoothing Balm

Sérénité Relaxing and Smoothing Balm

Neuraé Sérénité Relaxing and Smoothing Balm $170.00


Stress can appear on our faces in many ways—ranging from frown lines to muscle tension to lack of muscle tone. The Sérénité Relaxing and Smoothing Balm helps calm and smooth stressed skin. The comforting, rich balm—which boasts a serene, aromatic scent—comprises elasticity-boosting eperua extract, soothing cornflower extract, and supportive cistus incanus (pink rock rose). In a four-week clinical study, 66% of participants noticed visibly smoother skin after using the cream with the serum morning and evening for one month.

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The Emotion Boosters

Emotion Booster Roll On

Neuraé Sérénité The Emotion Booster $65.00


The Emotion Boosters—travel-size roll-on fragrances—round out the Neuraé routine. Each .21 fluid-ounce bottle features a signature neuro-fragrance paired with a complex of vegetable oils. Joie features sparkling citrus notes and a pink quartz rollerball applicator. Énergie is made with refreshing green notes and a jade rollerball applicator. Last but not least, Sérénité is crafted with soothing aromatic fragrances and packaged with an amethyst roller ball applicator. These on-the-go fragrances are meant to be used anytime to help boost your mood.

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