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5 Trendiest Nail Color Ideas for May, From Corals to Jellies

As much as we love scrolling through nail galleries and admiring the work of talented artists, we must admit—when it comes time to hit the salon, it can be very tempting to stick to the same old, same old. Be it a standard French or a simple wash of color, there’s comfort in sticking to what you know.

But if you want to experiment with your manicures in May 2024, there might be no better way to do so than by incorporating trending nail colors or finishes into your go-to look. And what are those, exactly? Ahead, with the help of nail pros Gina Edwards, Michelle Nguyen, Natalie Minerva, and Julie Kandalec, we rounded up the hottest nail trends for May. Read on for more.


  • Gina Edwards is a celebrity nail artist and KISS brand ambassador.
  • Michelle Nguyen is the CEO and founder of PLA Nails.
  • Natalie Minerva is a celebrity nail artist and OPI global ambassador.
  • Julie Kandalec is a celebrity manicurist and KISS Salon X-tend ambassador.


A neutral manicure with coral fan nail art

It’ll likely be another “Tomato Girl Summer,” but for the final month of spring, the reds will lean a little orange. “Corals are my absolute favorite and I see [them] being a nice spring replacement for a classic red,” says Minerva. Nguyen chalks up the trendiness to the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, which she says “is working overtime this season.” But while Peach Fuzz is soft and subdued, the corals for May are anything but: “The bolder and more neon, the better,” says Nguyen.



A pink jelly manicure with heart and glitter details

Jelly nails are like slip dresses: A little sheer, very sexy, and, according to Kandalec, “still super on trend.” Edwards agrees, adding that the style is “perfect for blending and toning down colors.” While the look can be achieved with jelly formulas or by mixing polish with a top coat to dilute the pigment, press-ons are a great shortcut for getting the look. 


Pastels and Muted Neons

A pastel manicure in a cloudy ombré gradient design

Pastels for spring might be far from groundbreaking, but they’re staples for a reason. “Pastel shades like light butter yellow and lilac bring a soft, delicate touch to your nails, perfectly capturing the spring season,” says Kandalec. While the aforementioned butter yellow has been having a moment, the entire spectrum of Easter-evoking hues—periwinkle in particular–is in fashion. 

Toward the end of the month as we get closer to summer (or if you just prefer your pale shades a little hotter), consider switching to a more vibrant muted neon. “I love muted neon shades, like a pastel key lime green polish with a creme finish,” says Kandalec. They offer “a modern twist on classic neon hues [and] a vibrant pop of color that’s both bold and sophisticated,” she explains. 


Earthy Greens and Grays

A swirly negative space manicure with sage green accents

Another subdued category (we’re sensing a trend here), “greys and muted greens are also going to be very popular in May and throughout spring,” Edwards tells us. Earthy tones go with almost everything—giving you more room to experiment with bold hues and prints in your wardrobe. “These colors give a softness to your hands and allow you to add more fun nonsense to your outfit,” Edwards says.


Minimal Neutrals

A manicure in a solid neutral color

While the neutrality of greys and muted greens are up for debate, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a manicure in shades of brown or white goes with everything. Nguyen notes that sheer nudes are a particularly “great choice for transition outfits and looks as we get… closer to summer.” (PLA’s Cloud and Clear recently got Angelina Jolie’s stamp of approval on the red carpet.) To dress up your natural nail color or add shimmer to a standard French, consider a sheer iridescent white glaze; they’re “great as is, or on top of another color,” says Kandalec.

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