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Taylor Swift’s Latest Eras Tour Manicure Is Going Straight to Our Summer Mood Board

Milky nails have been the low-key trend dominating our spring mood board this season. The manicure is characterized by its creamy nude shades. It sits somewhere in the middle between an iridescent layer and a super sheer pink. And, like we’ve mentioned, it’s been pretty low-key up until now. Taylor Swift just gave her stamp of approval to the manicure, so you can expect its popularity to keep going strong through the summer.

A photo of Taylor Swift performing in Paris wearing a red sparkly jumpsuit and red lipstick.

Let’s break down her manicure, shall we? On May 9, the 34-year-old kicked off the European leg of the Eras Tour, and Swifties were quick to point out her new custom Versace outfit, but we couldn’t stop staring at her nails. Swift was donning a minimalist milky manicure that everyone from Zendaya to Nicola Peltz has co-signed as the easygoing manicure to have this spring.

A photo of Taylor Swift performing in a red jumpsuit with bangs.

As Glosslab founder Rachel Apfel previously told Byrdie, “The milky nail look has definitely been a popular ask among our clients and is essentially a shimmering white that has a sort of chrome effect to it.” If you look closely, you’ll notice Swift’s nails have a slight milky shimmer on her bare nails that is pared-back in comparison to more maximalist nail trends but still makes the singer look polished. “We love this mani because it is clean and simple, yet eye-catching and bright,” Apfel added.

In the summer, when the weather finally calls for being outdoors and by the water, keeping our nails intact is the last thing we want to worry about. Still, anyone can agree that having a nice manicure is a confidence booster, and milky nails are the perfect low-maintenance manicure for warmer month—just take it from Swift.

To get the look at home, start by shaping your nails to a desired length and prepping them for polish. Next, add a few sheer coats of a white shade, like OPI’s classic Funny Bunny ($11). Since there’s no “right way” to style the nails, the rest is up to you. Use Nail Art Studio Special Effects Nail Polish from Essie ($13) to add a top layer of chrome shimmer or a pearlescent effect. Or you can simply finish with your favorite top coat.

It’s official: We’re guilty as a sin (wink, wink) when it comes to being obsessed with Swift’s latest Eras Tour manicure.

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