Sarah Jessica Parker’s Silver Met Gala Mani Is So Easy to Recreate at Home |

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Silver Met Gala Mani Is So Easy to Recreate at Home

There are short manicures, and then there are short-short manicures. I’m talking no-defined-shape, I-had-to-cut-my-nails-off-because-I-couldn’t-stand-them-anymore length. And guess what? If done up right, a short-short manicure can be incredibly chic, too.

On Monday, May 6, Sarah Jessica Parker attended the 2024 Met Gala wearing nails of this exact category—a very Carrie Bradshaw move in the sense that I personally can’t imagine typing with tips any longer (podcasting à la And Just Like That… is a different story). Painted silver, the manicure was the work of Gina Eppolito, the self-described “discreet manicurist to the elite” who also happens to be good at a discreet, elite design.

Sarah Jessica Parker

While Eppolito didn’t share the products she used for the mani, this look is not at all hard to figure out and recreate—all you need is a good silver polish (plus a base coat and top coat if you’re going to do things right). A lacquer like Sally Hansen’s Color Foil in Steel a Kiss ($9) or Olive & June’s OJPAS ($9) will do just the trick, and we also have a guide on how to file your nails so you can copy the short-and-meticulously-cared-for shape.

Sarah Jessica Parker's silver Met Gala manicure

The actress’s glam team also included hairstylist Serge Normant, who crafted a head of majorly voluminous blonde waves that reached well past Parker’s waist, and makeup artist Elaine Offers, who exclusively used Charlotte Tilbury products for the evening. A smoky metallic eye (courtesy of Color Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil,$29, in Dark Pearl and Golden Quartz) further brought out the silver in the nails, with the chrome element also echoing through her beaded Richard Quinn gown and Benedetta Bruzziches handbag.

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2024 Met Gala

“Bewitched by Andrew Bolton and team’s glorious exhibit at the Costume Institute,” wrote SJP in an Instagram post the morning after the event, showing her accessories piled near her bookshelf. “Still sleeping beauties.”

SJP strikes me as someone who’s good at washing her face, so I’m guessing her makeup didn’t make it through the night. Those nails, though? They’ll be shining for days.

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