Nicole Kidman’s Soft French Manicure Will be Everywhere This Summer |

Nicole Kidman’s Soft French Manicure Will be Everywhere This Summer

Listen up: There are no cutting corners when it comes to the Met Gala. Even if your look requires gloves (and they often do!) a great manicure is still a necessity. Nicole Kidman, our recent queen of the dainty French manicure, knows the drill.

Although white opera gloves were a big part of Kidman’s look on Monday, May 6 (paired with a recreated flamenco-inspired 1950s Balenciaga black-and-white ball gown, naturally), the nails underneath also require some attention.

Nicole Kidman Nails

Simple and elegant, her manicure was done by nail artist Thuy Nguyen, who was also behind Emma Chamberlain and Gabrielle Union‘s nail art for the evening. Kidman, for her part, chose a style that showed up just a little softer than the dainty design she recently wore—a “muted French” manicure with blink-and-you-miss them tips.

After posting a photo of the secret look, Nguyen’s Instagram comments were immediately full of heart eye emojis, including a row from client Joey King who worked with Kidman on the upcoming romcom A Family Affair.

Nicole Kidman

While Kidman’s nails were an if you know you know aspect of her look, other stylistic choices were a little easier to spot. Hairstylist Adir Abergel tackled her strawberry blond hair, crafting a voluminous blowout with a middle part and slight bends throughout.

“Following an Adir x Nicole FaceTime session exploring various concepts, they decided to infuse the style with a modern vibe,” a press release explains, also noting that the collaborators decided to “take the past and celebrate it in the present.” (That’s exactly what we’re doing whenever we wear a French mani in 2024, FYI.)

Nicole Kidman

To kickstart Kidman’s look, Abergel prepped her hair with Virtue Damage Reverse Serum ($60) to safeguard it against heat tools. Next came a blow-dry, where he focused on achieving the desired volume and shine using Kristin Ess Hair’s Medium Detangling Brush ($14). Extensions from Hidden Crown were then added before her whole head was styled with a flat-iron. The vision? “Asymmetrical waves for a modern effect.” As a last step, the artist applied Virtue Healing Oil ($45) to enhance shine and hydration and reflect light on the carpet.

And there you have it: An easy-to-replicate Nicole Kidman look. My only advice? Leave the gloves at home—this mani deserves its time in the spotlight.

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