Lana Del Rey’s Sunset Manicure Is Perfect for Hot Summer Nights |

Lana Del Rey’s Sunset Manicure Is Perfect for Hot Summer Nights

Lana Del Rey is so summertime. I know she’s also a star in the winter and the spring and the fall, but there’s something about Lust for Life especially (maybe the July release date??) that makes me think of loooong summer days at the lake. Her documented love for a sundress doesn’t hurt this theory, either.

Now, the 38-year-old is calling in the warm weather in a new way. On Monday, May 6, she arrived at the 2024 Met Gala wearing a manicure that can only be described as sunset chic. Not sunrise, sunsetThis mani is giving “we have a long night ahead of us” in the best way.

Lana Del Rey

Long and square-shaped, each of Del Rey’s nails was painted a similar peachy orange hue and topped with what appears to be a matte-chrome finish. Every so often, one of her hands would peek out from beneath her sheer tulle Alexander McQueen veil and attendees would see the design’s full effect.

While the manicurist responsible for the look hasn’t come forward and shared the exact shades used on Del Rey’s nails, it’s an easy enough style to DIY. Grab a bottle of OPI nail polish in the shade Freedom of Peach ($12) or Essie’s Sleep In ($10) and top with Olive & June’s The Mermaid Effect Top Coat ($9). While they’re a little brighter, Olive & June’s Press-Ons in Lava ($10) will also do the trick if you’re looking for an immediate length/shape dupe.

Lana Del Rey

The warm, natural world-inspired feel continued through the the singer’s entire look. While her dress—covered in bronze-cast hawthorn branches—was an obvious example of the vision, her makeup sealed the deal. Done by Etienne Ortega, Del Rey wore a whole face of Charlotte Tilbury beauty products… besides, of course, her signature lip combo from the artist’s new Ortega makeup line: Soft Contour Lip Liner in the shade Xola ($16) and Liquid Icon Hyper Gloss ($18).

Lana Del Rey

Ortega also noted in an Instagram post that a coming-soon product made its debut for the special evening: the secret product was used in the center of Lana’s pout and on her face for an “ethereal glow.”

So, after a night at the museum, Lana Del Rey, her perfectly lined lips, and her glowing manicure rode off into the sunset. By which I mean attended some fun after parties. Same thing.

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