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Halle Bailey Just Got a Cute Curly Bob

Though she’s only 23 (almost 24!) years old, Halle Bailey has easily secured her place in the celebrity hair hall of fame. From braids to twists to loc ponytails and intricate buns, it’s always a treat to see what the Little Mermaid actress will come up with. Each style is more intriguing than the last, and all are supremely gorgeous.

For her latest appearance, the new mom decided to try out one of the current moment’s hottest hair trends: the bobHowever, she made the look completely her own, styling the above-the-shoulder cut in tight curls with a smattering of locs mixed in for good measure. The artist behind the new style was Tinisha Meeks, who has been working with Bailey since she joined Freeform’s Grown-ish series in 2018.

Halle Bailey with a curly bob

Bailey first showed off the look in an Instagram carousel on March 23. Snapping four selfies from slightly different angles, she captured the hair’s movement and her stellar brown lip liner in excellent natural light. “The short hair eats every time,” commented creator Brittany Jones on the post, to which Bailey replied “love u.” Other fans jumped into the thread to ask questions about the style, including whether or not it’s loced (it is) and how to get the curls (you’ll have to ask Meeks about that one).

Halle Bailey

The next day, Bailey shared another post showing a full-body peek at her look, which she wore to Aerie’s REAL Fest in Atlanta, Georgia. While her hair stole the show, her sweet nose highlighter by makeup artist Christiana Cassell and crystal-clear bedazzled manicure also deserve some attention.

“You look beautiful! But on a serious note, can someone please tag her hairstylist because we need to learn how to be versatile with locs too,” commented a fan. Inquirer, I hope you’re reading this, because I have good news: Meeks gave Byrdie her hair manipulation secrets.

Halle Bailey with a curly bob

“First, start with clean, healthy hair, and then begin the normal process of tightening the root. When we decide on a hairstyle, I envision how to do that with locs. Whatever it is, whether it’s a ponytail down to the ground, I find a texture of hair that will mix with her locs and feed it in,” the artist shared last summer. “I don’t ever go into my process thinking that just because she has locs, we can’t get the look. A piece of advice for anybody with locs: If you like a hairstyle, you can get it with locs.”

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