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Dua Lipa’s Moody Summer Manicure Is So Easy to Copy

Cherry red had its moment last year in beauty and style, but we’ve since moved on. Red will always be a timeless color, but the bright, fire-hydrant hue isn’t always the easiest to work with. While butter yellows and sky blues dominate this season’s trend cycles, Gucci is making a case for a new shade of red, and Dua Lipa’s new manicure perfectly embodies why we should all be following suit.

On May 14, Gucci debuted its 2025 Cruise collection which featured a star-studded front-row including Kate Moss, Paul Mescal, and Dua Lipa. The Radical Optimism singer posted photos of her at the show on Instagram captioning the post “~ Gucci cruise with the fam ~ 🖤 grazie” wearing an all-Gucci outfit—even down to her nails.

Dua Lipa in a black jacket posing with a guest at the Gucci runway show.

Sabato de Sarno, Gucci’s creative director, has an been focusing on wearability with his new collections, so it makes sense that he would opt for a darker shade of red rather than a bright cherry. Last fall he debuted the house’s signature shade, Gucci Rosso, which is a deep oxblood color similar to the shade of Lipa’s new nails.

Dua Lipa and Mark Ronson

Her manicure isn’t the most interesting, but proves how simple styles can still shine. She opted to polish what looks like her natural nail shape, adding the rich red shade and sealing it with a glossy, almost patent-like finish.

She paired her nails with a complimentary berry beauty look. Her cheeks were dusted with a muted pink shade and she wore a similar-toned satin lipstick with the addition of a little mascara. Of course, she was in dressed in all Gucci and wore a black embossed Gucci coat with a white tank top underneath and a black micro-mini skirt. She accessorized with glasses from the brand and its signature Jackie handbag.

A photo of Dua Lipa wearing a black coat and holding a black Gucci Jackie bag.

Next time your in the salon pondering over what color to pick out of the million available, why not opt for Lipa’s deep, oxblood red shade? Sure, it’s not the most summer-y, but it’s certainly sophisticated, and still offers a pop of color that goes with everything.

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