Beyoncé’s Nude Velvet Manicure Is Going On My Summer Mood Board |

Beyoncé’s Nude Velvet Manicure Is Going On My Summer Mood Board

Semi-hot take: Because there’s simply so much to talk about when it comes to Beyoncé, her manicures often get lost in the shuffle. Every time she’s debuted a new hair color or style—let alone a new album—she’s also had some intriguing nail art. And yet, it doesn’t always get its fair share of time in the spotlight.

This time around, we’re not letting that slide.

On Wednesday, May 8, Beyoncé alerted the world via Instagram post that she’d secretly attended Coachella to see Chloë Bailey perform. She shared two posts (in one, she does her own version of the TikTok-viral dance to her hit song “II Hands II Heaven”)—both of which produced multiple headlines and also featured a simple yet stunning manicure.


Extra-long and oval shaped, the 42-year-old’s manicure was the work of celebrity nail artist Miho Okawara. In her own post showcasing the look, Okawara noted that she used Daily Charme cat-eye gel polish ($19) in the shade C11, or Tabby, for the style, making it her own with a cleverly wielded magnet. “Cat eye Nuuuuude,” wrote the artist alongside some well-earned sparkle emojis.

Also called velvet nailscat-eye manicures have been trending for a while, and are especially popular on the festival circuit. Still, there’s something about this particular look that feels fresh. The shade, perhaps? Or the extra length? We’re in the midst of a delicate, neutral nail renaissance and this look proves that the mani minimalist can have a little extra fun.


The mother of three finished off her festival guest look with an all-American themed outfit. She wore red, white, and blue everything, including bedazzled blue shorts and a Willie Nelson T-shirt. Her Texas blonde hair was tied back in an American flag print scarf.

When Cowboy Carter came out, the artist noted time and time again that it wasn’t a “country” album—it was a Beyoncé album. The same goes for this nail art. It’s not a cat-eye manicure, it’s a Beyoncé manicure. And a stellar one at that.

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