Manuka Health Has Launched Some of the Most Potent, Bee-Powered Skincare on Earth |

Manuka Health Has Launched Some of the Most Potent, Bee-Powered Skincare on Earth

High up in the mountains of Pohuenui—a small island in New Zealand—you can hear the subtle, continuous thrum of honey bees. The island is just one of hundreds of Manuka Health‘s beehive sites across New Zealand—an intense, impossible operation that results in the humane production of some of the most potent Manuka honey in the world. The ingredient—which can only be produced by honey bees that pollinate the Manuka tree—is the throughline of the brand’s existing suite of best-selling honey and supplements. But as of today, the brand is bringing the healing powers of Manuka honey straight from the hives of New Zealand and onto your face with the introduction of five brand new, bee-powered skincare products.

And while honey in skincare is certainly nothing new, the magic is really in the Manuka. “Manuka honey contains MGO, which normal honey does not—this is an antibacterial and antimicrobial compound which is very potent and helps protect skin from bacterial/microbial assault,” says Pia Rampling, global marketing manager at Manuka Health. “Manuka honey also contains enzymes, vitamins, and minerals which are preserved through Manuka Health’s maturation process, vs normal honey which could be heated to high temperatures, removing any benefits contained within it. A natural humectant, it has been shown to promote the structural growth of collagen in skin cells for firm, youthful-looking skin.” Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Carolyn Stull confirms this sentiment: “Manuka honey contains methylglyoxal, which has an antibacterial effect, along with antioxidant compounds including phenols and flavonoids,” she says. “Manuka honey also acts as a humectant and emollient, helping to boost skin hydration. Studies have also shown that Manuka honey can accelerate wound healing.” True Manuka honey only comes from New Zealand, where the Manuka tree has thrived for centuries. “The unique and pristine environment [in New Zealand] coupled with the right climatic conditions, high UV concentration, and the mineral-rich volcanic soils across the islands mean the Manuka tree flower has nectar with unparalleled potency—which gives our honey an edge over any other honey in the world.”


FOUNDED: March 2024

BASED IN: New Zealand

PRICING: $30-$150

BEST KNOWN FOR: Potent, humanely-obtained ingredients powered by New Zealand bees.

FUN FACT: True Manuka honey can only be made in New Zealand.

In addition to Manuka honey, you’ll also find bee-powered ingredients like propolis, bee venom, and royal jelly infused throughout the collection—which are all sourced from Manuka Health’s private hives across New Zealand. And fortunately, the efficacy of those ingredients doesn’t come without ethical sourcing. “Our sustainable beekeeping practices [and ensuring] the wellbeing of the hive is of the highest priority,” says Rampling. “We are driven by a deep care for the wellbeing of people, bees, and our beautifully pristine environment. Our hives are GMO-free and free from pesticides, herbicides, neonics, glyphosate, and antibiotics—and therefore, none of these enter our beautiful honey.”

Bee venom, in particular—which boasts a plumping effect on the skin— can be tricky to source without harming the bees (as the act of stinging to deposit venom often kills them). But Manuka Health has engineered a unique system: “Bee venom is extracted by placing a pane of glass at the entrance of the hive with a mild current running through it,” says Rampling. “When the bees land on the glass, they deposit a tiny amount of venom. The process does not harm the bees at all, they fly off and produce more venom.”

Discover the potent, powerful, bee-powered new skincare launches ahead.

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Regenerating Face Cream

manuka health regenerating face cream

Manuka Health Regenerating Face Cream $140.00


My personal favorite from the launch, Manuka Health’s Regenerating Face Cream is a powerful formula that moisturizes the skin, fortifies the skin barrier, and serves as the perfect rich and creamy base for makeup (there’s zero pilling when I wear it under sunscreen or foundation). Like all Manuka Health products, it contains the magical moisturization and healing powers of Manuka honey—but you have my word, there’s zero sticky feeling. The Regenerating Face Cream also contains ethically sourced royal jelly, a food source the hives feed only to their queen bee to promote longevity of life. “When royal jelly is most available, it is carefully extracted from the cells with special tools,” says Rampling. “And larvae are transplanted into new cells to continue to mature.”

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Pro Vitality Daily Restorative Face Serum

manuka health daily restorative serum

Manuka Health Pro Vitality Daily Restorative Face Serum $82.00


For the ultimate protective powers, layer a few drops of the Pro Vitality Daily Restorative Face Serum under your sunscreen every single morning. Not only does the formula contain the free radical-fighting powers of vitamin C, but it’s also packed with propolis. “Propolis is a resin-like material produced by bees that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties,” says Dr. Stull. In hives, bees produce propolis to seal their hives from invaders, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

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Eternal Renewal Regenerating Eye Serum

manuka health eye serum

Manuka Health Eternal Renewal Regenerating Eye Serum $106.00


If you find that traditional, heavier eye creams tend to weigh your eyes down, make your concealer slide off, or contribute to milia, eye serums are a wonderful alternative. Manuka Health’s Eternal Renewal Regenerating Eye Serum delivers all of the hydration of a creamy eye product but with the wearable texture of a serum. Formulated with royal jelly and bee venom—which increases blood circulation upon application for a skin-plumping effect—this serum gives my hollow under-eyes a beautiful, youthful bounce.1

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Nourishing Lip Balm

manuka health nourishing lip balm

Manuka Health Nourishing Lip Balm $34.00


This lip balm contains the perfect amount of tint and I simply can’t be convinced otherwise. Of the dozens of lip products in my purse at any moment, this is my go-to for a juicy, summery popsicle pout. In addition to delivering the perfect wash of color, this balm also keeps my lips soft and chap-free with nourishing ingredients like olive oilshea butter, and elderberry.

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Eternal Renewal Regenerating Face Serum

manuka health regenerating face serum

Manuka Health Eternal Renewal Regenerating Face Serum $126.00


Think of this serum as the perfect evening companion to your daytime Pro Vitality Daily Restorative Face Serum. While the Pro Vitality serum is focused on protection, the Eternal Renewal Serum is intended to repair. Containing the triple threat of all three of Manuka Health’s hero ingredients—royal jelly, Manuka honey, and bee venom—this super serum expertly hydrates and repairs the skin while you sleep.

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